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Opening in September 2021, The La Salle Hotel School will provide vocational training and employment opportunities in catering and hospitality at pre- and post-16 level to local students, young people from around the city region and our neighbours of Croxteth and Norris Green. Based in the former De La Salle Brothers’ House in the grounds of the De La Salle Academy training hotel school will be a fully functioning hotel with 13 bedrooms, restaurant and conference facilities, as well as a kitchen garden supplying both the hotel school and the local community.

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Our Goals

La Salle ONE

To provide young people with improved educational and employment opportunities


To become a key educational partner to the Liverpool City Region Hospitality Sector


To work with and support our local community

Our Past

Built in the late 1960s, it was in use firstly as a home for the community of De La Salle Brothers who built and worked at the school, and then later as a temporary meeting space and hostel for visiting student groups once the community of Brothers had left the city. An idea was formed to put the building back into full use as an hotel school, to address the employment needs of young people in Liverpool and beyond, and to build strong links to the city region’s ever-growing hospitality industry and visitor economy.


The building needs to be refurbished but is in good condition though to function as a hotel and restaurant there will be more stringent buildings control and health and safety requirements than was the case when it was a domestic dwelling. The La Salle Hotel School CIC was formed at Companies House in May 2019 and would have liked to become a charity though currently we remain a not-for-profit social enterprise.

Our Present

The La Salle Hotel School is currently a registered CIC (Community Interest Company) with a Board of Directors comprising Lasallian alumni and leading figures from the hospitality industry and the local community. The Board see The La Salle Hotel School as a unique chance for us to create aspiration, deliver opportunities and promote growth in the young people involved, and to support and encourage them in their future careers by developing with them the skills to help them succeed in an exciting growth industry here in Liverpool and beyond.


Before the coronavirus pandemic Liverpool had a booming Visitor Economy which had identified the ongoing need for more hotel rooms as well as requiring a large skilled and well-trained workforce. By 2025 the City Region’s Visitor Economy was projected to be worth £4.9 billion and potentially support 72,000 jobs. This would have required an increase of 49% in visitor economy jobs. However in a post-Covid-19 world it will take some time to rebuild the visitor economy but one thing is certain there will always be a need for hospitality and catering professionals trained to the highest standards.

As well as this, we are aware that Croxteth and Norris Green and many parts of the city region have exceptionally high levels of long-term unemployment, and local young people need a clear pathway into the jobs market.

Our Future

We have a three-phased approach to delivering our project and we are currently close to completing Phase One which is the refurbishment of the domestic kitchen seeing it transformed into a state-of-the-art professional kitchen as good as any in the city and the restoring of the outside Kitchen Garden’s three polytunnels and raised beds.  Phase Two is the remodelling of the entire ground floor and creating from it a Private Dining and Demonstration area, a Conference facility, toilet block and restaurant and bar. Phase Three is the redesigning of the first floor into 12 en-suite bedrooms (with an accessible bedroom on the ground floor). Our progress through these phases will depend upon our success with fund raising

For the very first time, a fully operational hotel, restaurant and conference facility will be training young people, equipping them with the skills for a career in the hospitality sector. We will be recognised as a key partner for the industry within the Liverpool City Region. We will be an integral part of our community, promoting wellbeing through local food growth and promoting a healthy food and diet as well as supporting other local initiatives. The La Salle Hotel School will, we believe, also offer a project blueprint which will have the potential to be rolled out across the UK.

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